The Uniformer

The Uniformer - A talk with David Lurio of Elbeco

July 2, 2021

David Lurio is the President and co-owner of Elbeco. He started with Elbeco in 1985, after trying a variety of jobs outside of the industry. Elbeco, previously known as Wide Awake Shirt Company, was founded by his great-grandfather in 1907. While he is responsible for the entire company and its performance, he is now concentrating his day-to-day focus on business and product development, two areas that he is passionate about. David talks frankly with The Uniformer about his focus on the perennial polishing of the Elbeco brand, challenges he and his team faced in recent times, where innovation will come from, and the company’s bright path forward. A compelling view of our industry from a thought leader.

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